Dua Lipa's 'Break My Heart' Performance On Fallon Brought A Party To The Couch

She Also Explained Why She Released 'Future Nostalgia' When She Did

From her cozy London home with some snazzy visual effects, Dua Lipa's performance of "Break My Heart" for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon proved that it's easy to push the wheel from the couch when you're living in both the future and past. The title of her sophomore LP, Future Nostalgia, makes so much sense.

Lipa's "Break My Heart" performance felt like a time-traveling trip throughout the 1990s thanks to a grainy filter and city graphics scrolling across the screen. As Lipa sits comfortably on a plush couch and sings the disco-fied tune, dancers behind her, embedded in the background, bring the party to life with funky swaying. The singer didn't need to get off the couch to make the awesome show into a festive celebration.

Afterwards, Lipa spoke to host Jimmy Fallon about the decision to still release Future Nostalgia during the global coronavirus pandemic. "There was a point where I was feeling a little conflicted and I was like, I'm not sure if I want to put the music out at this time," she said. "People are suffering and I just don't know if it feels right."

"But then, I also thought about the fact that I made this record to get away from any anxieties and pressures of making a second album and not have to think about that," she continued. "And then I was like, maybe this record could give people a moment to get away from everything and give them some comfort."

Lipa dropped Future Nostalgia on March 27, a week before its original April 3 release date. When she announced on March 23 that it would be coming early, she told fans, emotionally, "I hope it makes you smile and I hope it makes you dance."

Later that month, Lipa performed "Don't Start Now"on Homefest: James Corden's Late Late Show Special. She was joined remotely by her band, backup singers, and dancers. It was just as futuristically nostalgic as her recent "Break My Heart" performance on Fallon. 

Check out her awesome "Break My Heart" show up above.