Oleska & Otter Berry – ‘Far Behind’ 

There was a distinct progression in The Bearded Man’s life: At first he walked. Then he tried jogging. Then he ran, and eventually he sprinted. It is widely known that human beings are the most inefficient creatures on the planet. That is, until you put them on a bicycle. A human on a bicycle is the *most* efficient creature on the planet. So our hero started biking. Eventually he got tired of putting in even that much effort, so what do you suppose he did next? That’s right, he bought himself a scooter. He loved getting places even faster, and he didn’t care that he pissed off every person that he rode by on the way. He didn’t care that everybody thought he was a douchebag now. He didn’t care when he disturbed people’s dinners or romantic evenings on the terrace. He just wanted to get places faster. By the time he could do wheelies on his scooter, he realized that this would never be enough. Shortly thereafter, he bought himself a Harley. Soon he was blazing down the autobahn at lightning speed. Let that be a lesson to all of you, a lesson that Oleska & Otter Berry know so well: as soon as someone starts to walk, a motorcycle can’t be far behind.

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