Roger Shah & Inger Hansen - Castles in the sky

While the industry was kicking off the new year calmly, Roger Shah and the magnificent Inger Hansen have been cooking up something outstandingly delicious in their kitchen of sound. The miraculous duo created an Uplifting Trance beauty that will leave its footprints on the international dancefloors.

The Ian van Dahl Dance Classic has been capturing hearts all around the world for more than a decade. Altered with Hansens heavenly virile voice, Shah has created an exceptional piece of musically delight. The striking collaborators made a remake of an outstanding Classic Dance tune that is surprising and notably chin-dropping from start to finish.

Premiering on Roger Shah’s brand new imprint Magic Island Elevate ‚Castles In The Sky is safe to take over your heart by storm. Bringing choires finally back to Trance in a unique, inspiring way. Pure Uplifting. Touching. Exceptionally marvelous. This is Castles In The Sky.