George Papavasileiou aka G PAPA is a Dj & Producer born in Athens but his origins are from the island of Mytilene.


His career as a DJ started in various Café-Bars of Athens. He has worked and had events in many clubs and Venues around Greece.

His major collaborations were in 2008 with the Rapper Lil John and with the worldwide famous Dj Alexunderbase in 2010.

His experience as a Dj is in many and different music genres, but his love is for the House music as for the R & B too.

His first music production was released in 2010 and was titled ‘’Baby Play’’ with over 200.000 views on YouTube.

G PAPA in 2013 started his solo career with the Greek smash-hit titled “Mia eukairia (to kalokairi auto)” featuring Fenia Zachariou and released by the Record Label Dusty Records. At the Begging of 2014 he released his second digital single, as a solo artist, titled “Real Love” featuring Real D & Grace. Summer 2014 his new single is titled “Indaba” a massive hit that it’s gonna make you dance…., released by Royal Records. For 2015 he released his new single, as a solo artist, titled “Sunshine” featuring Tara.


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